Reflection Week One

The first two chapters,  prepared one for the final chapter “Eating American” in which it discusses if there is, in fact, “American Cuisine”. The author does not think that there is such as thing as an “American Cuisine” as America is still a young country, but mostly because the United States is so diverse and is made up only of other cuisines. I disagree with the author in the sense that we have food that is defined as “American”. If I were asked what “American Cuisine” were, I would describe a Thanksgiving meal. I also think that places like KFC, Wendy’s and McDonalds are all “American” food, though we may not like to admit it. “American Cuisine” may not be as glamourous as the national food of other countries, but because it originates from the United States, I consider it to be “American Cuisine”. From chapter seven, “Cuisine: High, Low, and Not at All”, I gathered that the author only respects cuisines that have deep roots and are, for lack of a better term, classy. I can’t say much for the second chapter, “Food and Its Relationship to Concepts of Power”. I confess that I didn’t entirely understand the “inside” and “outside” meanings of food that the author was trying to get across. I do understand how food can be connected with power in respect to Big Business Food. Big food companies such as Tyson, Perdue and Cargill have much more influence in our government that we realize. With companies such as these, and even McDonald’s and Starbucks, food equals money; and money equals power. This is much more true that any of us would like to admit.

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