Hunger Games Archery

I recently went to see the Hunger Games in theaters, a movie I would recommend to anyone. Having seen it twice, each time I left the theater I had the desire to learn more about archery. I would love to get a traditional archery set and become as good as the main character Katniss Everdeen. Looking up an archery set for this shopping blog, I also researched the movie and how it effected archery sales. According to this article from ABC News ( the movie sparked an archery pop culture movement. This article was one of many I found about the same subject.

This video shows why:



I’ve learned quite a bit about archery in my simple research for this blog post. There are many different types of bows ranging from modern ones with pulleys to the more traditional kinds. Even among these two very different styles are many more substyles such as the crossbow, the long bow, the recurve bow. The one used in the Hunger Games is the recurve style bow.

On a fansite, I found the popular silver bow which was created by the fans. I found it for sale on Ebay for $57.00 but it was already sold out.


I found some wooden bows for sale on Ebay ranging from $23.50 to about $50.00. I also found much more expensive bows selling for up to $1000 but most of the ones I was interested in ranged from about $250 to $35.

I was one of many fans of the movie to be inspired to really try archery. I’ve had a cheap bow at home and shoot it every once and a while. Every time I get it out, I have such a fun time trying to hit my home-made target on a cardboard box. This movie has made me interested in getting a real bow. I know I would have fun as well as challenge myself with a more traditional bow.



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  1. Peter says:

    Hi Emma,
    Interesting Post, I began this particular journey with nothing special in mind. I’ve heard about The Hunger Games. While browsing Barnes and Noble and Borders, I’ve seen the book on the shelf sitting next to “Waiting for Superman” in the best seller aisle. I’ve wanted to read it. But I never got around to it.
    All the Best